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Xmsgtrace: An X11 protocol recorder for the X Window System!

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What is Xmsgtrace?

Xmsgtrace (pronounced "X message trace") is a software program that records X Window System protocol messages. X Window programs (e.g., Gimp, Netscape, Ghostview, Staroffice, etc.) work by exchanging messages with the X server. Xmsgtrace saves these messages in a log (text) file in a human readable form. Communication between an X client program and the X server is through the low-level X11 protocol. All X programs must ultimately use this protocol in order to talk to the X server. Most X programs make calls to the Xlib library (either directly or indirectly through high level libraries such as Xt, Motif®, GTK, KDE, etc.) which provides the X11 protocol interface to the X server.

Why Use Xmsgtrace?

Sample Log File

If your curious about what kind of output Xmsgtrace records in the log file, look here; then read about what Xmsgtrace can do in the Features section.